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We have single rooms, twin rooms, Japanese-style rooms, and deluxe twin rooms.

Please choose the room type that suits the number of people and the purpose.

​Single room

12-15㎡ / person

Unit type

Compact yet convenient,

It is a room that combines functionality .

It can be used for various scenes such as business and sightseeing.

Twin room

19㎡ / 1-2 people

Unit type

Staying with family and friends, or alone

For those who want to relax in a spacious space

The best room.

​Japanese-style room

26㎡ / 1 ~ 3 people

Unit type

While being wrapped in the atmosphere and calmness unique to a Japanese-style room,

You can feel the Japanese spirit.

For families with small children and elderly people

This is a popular room.

​Deluxe Twin Room (5F)

48㎡ / 1-2 people

Unit type

Room with a large desk.

While gazing at the beautiful scenery of Kazuno city outside the window

You can also work in your room.

​Deluxe Twin Room
​ (4F designed by Hanae Mori)

38㎡ / 1-2 people

separate bathroom and toilet

Designed by Hanae Mori, one of Japan's leading fashion designers.

It is a room where you can enjoy a gorgeous atmosphere.

Hanae Mori's handwritten message diagram is on display.

​Deluxe Twin Room (5F Renewal Type)

38㎡ / 1 ~ 3 people

separate bathroom and toilet

Elegant and sophisticated room.

The spacious living room is truly relaxing and you can spend a luxurious time.

​Room facilities

​Landing desk / chair / bathroom / free internet connection (Wi-Fi) / TV / satellite broadcasting (free) / electric kettle / refrigerator / ozobarrier light / dryer


Room wear / Bath towel / Face towel / Slippers / Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap / Hand soap / Toothbrush / Shoes Bella / Green tea / Deodorant

* Please feel free to bring your razor / cotton / cotton swab / hairbrush from the front.

* Female customers are provided with toiletries / milky lotion / cleansing / face-washing amenities at the front desk, so please feel free to bring them with you.

​Rental listing

​Trouser press / mobile charger / blanket / desk lamp / extension cord / nail clippers / crib​


Free of charge for hotel guests.

In the unlikely event that the parking lot is full, we will guide you to a nearby parking lot free of charge.

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​Accommodation reservation / confirmation
​Reservation of accommodation by phone
​Please contact us by phone for group accommodation, long-term accommodation, corporate accommodation, etc.






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